María Eugenia Mazzino

I accompany you to feel good wherever you are.

I am María Eugenia Mazzino,
Life Coach and Psychologist.

I am specialized in people who live outside of where they were born: expatriates, migrants, global nomads and their children, the TCK= Third Culture Kids.

Nothing makes me happier than helping people to enjoy life wherever they are because that’s my mission, to help you have a fulfilling life and enjoy where you and your family  are today.

I have always been fascinated by understanding people’s behavior, that’s why I am a tireless student of LIFE, cultures, religion, societies and human diversity.


In person / English

Online / Español


Let’s walk together

One of the most recurring themes in consultation is the loneliness of the accompanying wives.

For this reason, I designed a workshop where you can meet other women in the same situation as you who are going through similar processes as you.

I propose a safe space where we can bring to light issues that often neither your husband, nor your children or your original family understand.

And together, between all of us, we can help to give a more positive meaning to what we are experiencing, learn from it and generate new strategies that respect your values and those of your family.

More Information:

Do you want to participate in a space where you can share your experiences with people who are going through situations similar to yours without feeling judged and in a safe environment?

Accompanied by someone who can help you and others to unleash your potential to give a unique and personal meaning to each of these experiences?

I offer you and your friends my holistic, very human, and multicultural approach, supported by traditional and modern sciences and my more than 20 years of experience, in an experiential workshop of 3 hours that will make you live unique and transforming experiences.

Psychological coaching and psychotherapy sessions

If you would like to have a call to see if we can work together, you can book a free 20-minute session
to get to know each other and clarify your doubts.

Individual psychological coaching sessions

It may be clear to you that you want to look forward and enjoy everything that life brings you at this stage, but you have trouble deciding where to start. 

With individual coaching session, I will help you define your priorities and design together a plan that will lead you to achieve your goals while enjoying the process.

Individual psychotherapy sessions

You don’t have to be crazy to go to a psychologist!  ☺ 

You just have to recognize that professional support can be of great help nowadays when everything seems to go so fast and there is no space to analyze what is happening to you, how your life has changed since you moved, or you got married or you changed jobs, or you had a child… 

or all that has happened in recent years without being able to stop and reflect but it.

Investing time in yourself with a professional like me can help you regain harmony and drive.

I promise stimulating sessions, with cards, dolls, crayons, stones, shells, and more in a safe environment that will help you identify thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that have blocked you and those that will help free you. 

Would you dare to allow yourself to improve?

Psychotherapy sessions for couples

Marrying someone from another culture and/or moving to another country sounds fascinating and it is.

But after a while misunderstandings, parenting differences, finances management styles and professional work and household chores conciliation issues … etc. may begin to arise.

I offer professional counseling to you and your partner so that you can understand what is happening to you. Then I help both of you to find together the strategies and define organizational systems that fit your family.

In-company trainings

As a psychologist I know that the environment plays an important role in the development of people, limiting or motivating them. 

As an Intercultural Trainer, I know that workplaces, increasingly diverse, need to make human and cultural differences visible to manage them and transform them into opportunities for improvement. 

I offer talks, colloquiums, experiential workshops or in-company master classes that help to generate more inclusive, pleasant and respectful spaces with the needs of the company and people in their work and personal development.

Training in schools (students, teachers, parents, care-givers)

Because as a psychologist I know that childhood and adolescence are fundamental stages in the development of people and that a specific accompaniment that helps to understand and respect Human and Cultural Diversity, contributes to the development of a more just and tolerant society, I will be happy to offer Talks, Colloquiums, Experiential Workshops or Master Classes that help to generate more diverse, respectful and inclusive educational spaces.